Information due to covid-19

UGL is an experience-based training where much of the learning is achieved through personal reflections and insights in connection to group dynamics. Therefore, the course has to be experienced on site – UGL cannot be held online.

The UGL course is arranged at Villa Lovik in Lidingö outside Stockholm. Villa Lovik has taken a lot of preventive actions to minimize the risk of being infected by Covid-19 while staying at the venue. To minimize the risk of Covid-19 at UGL :

  • All participants and facilitators with symptoms of illness must stay at home and cancel their participation as not to risk infecting others.
  • We keep a distance of 1-2 meters. We work in a large room with plenty of space and have access to breakout rooms where all participants can keep a distance to each other.
  • Set the table for lunch and dinner with every other chair so that there is plenty of distance between the participants.
  • There is always access to hand sanitizers in the course rooms, at coffee breaks, lunch and dinner.
  • Dinner and lunch are served at the table – not as a buffet.

As long as the risk of the Covid-19 virus exists in our society, no course or meeting is completely without risks, but practicing the guidelines above, together we can minimize the risk of a greater exposure than during an ordinary job week.

If you have any questions regarding Covid-19 in connection to UGL training or any other questions about concerning UGL, you are very welcome to contact us at or +46-70-890 55 00.