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If you work in a global organisation with Scandinavian roots, you might have come across the concept of UGL. UGL is the most renowned leadership training program in Scandinavia, founded in 1981 by the Swedish Armed Forces. Today many of the major Swedish organisations use UGL training as a part of their HR developmental program. We are the most experienced company in arranging UGL in English. We provide an opportunity for international organisations to offer their employees the same training as their Swedish staff. A chance to learn the same “language” and make use of the same tools for leadership, feedback, communication and group development. Exceptional team performance – the Swedish way!

UGL Utveckling av Grupp och Ledare

In UGL participants experience situations that reflects group dynamics to understand their own roles in a work group environment. The course is centered around feedback, understanding conflict, values, group development and different leadership styles.

"It was a mark in my life. I'm using a lot of the tools in my personal life. Now I care about the others and I'm definitely a better listener. Now I do plans and go for it."
Victor (Brazil) Participant, UGL in English

Content and objectives

The overall aim of the course is to make participants more effective as leaders and/or as members of a working group. Through experienced based learning and reflections a greater understanding is reached for how group development is affected by leadership and behaviours, needs or emotions of group members. It also illustrates how relationships and commitment is connected to a balance of focus on process and content when working in a group.

There are many angles such as communication, values, group dynamics and learning within the relationship aspect. UGL deals with how a group develops and matures, what happens in the group during the course of development and what promotes or hinders positive development. This is what is known as group dynamics. The course also deals with the opportunities and problems of leadership in relation to development of the group’s maturity. What is it that facilitates or impedes implementation of the task in hand and the development of the group from a leadership perspective? This takes place in UGL by allowing participants themselves to experience situations that reflect group dynamics and to understand their own roles in this group environment. The aim of the course is to enhance participants’ abilities to:

  • work with reflection and learning both individually and as part of a group
  • deal with and understand conflicts
  • be able to communicate directly and clearly
  • understand the effects of feelings on individuals and at group level
  • be able to give and take effective feedback
  • understand how values affect relationships and leadership
  • be able to discern different stages in the development of a group and understand your own attitude related to that
  • understand that different leadership styles are needed.

The UGL course, Understanding Group and Leader, has been the fundamental leadership course for the Swedish Armed Forces since 1981. Since around 1990, it has become a much appreciated and popular course outside the Swedish Armed Forces as well. The UGL concept is today administrated and continuously developed by the Swedish National Defense College. The UGL program has been revised five times since it´s introduction in 1981.

An off-site that transforms

Lejondals slott

The course format is an intense five day residential course (Monday-Friday). UGL is a demanding course and we assume that all participants are in psychological balance and willing to put in the effforts that the course requires.

The number of participants is limited to 12, with two facilitators.

The courses are held at Lejondal slott, beautifully located only 30 km from Stockholm. lejondal slott is a beautiful place with nice room, a wonderful restaurant and very service minded staff.  For pictures and more information, see

Schedule, pricing & registration

Schedule : UGL in English


  • 11-15th of March
  • 22-26th of April
  • 23-27th of September
  • 21-25th of October (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • 25-29th of November

Each UGL course starts Monday 10.30 AM and ends Friday at 3.00 PM.
We also offer designated courses for large organizations.

Pricing and registration

The cost for UGL in English, is SEK 32.900. Tax (VAT) not included.  The cost includes course fee, course material and full board at Lejondal slott. Travels are not included.

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For more information about UGL in English please send an e-mail to: or phone +46 (0) 70 422 48 00.